c k k a l k a n

The power that serves the idea of changing the world

Developing software has been my favorite way to change the world and touch everyone.

My love for computers, which I met when I was 10 years old and can be called love at first sight, enabled me to push the limits of my imagination and wake up to a new dream and world every day.

While living with this passion, when I met people who think and believe like me and pursue the new and the future, I realized that I had to continue on the path with them. Our paths crossed here. If you believe that we can achieve something together, do not hesitate to contact me.

What I do?

The ubiquitous accessibility feature of smartphones brought about the world of internet and computers, which I started learning about by building websites in the 2000s, and made me interested in mobile application development.

After the experience I gained by preparing Web and Mobile clients, I wanted to master the entire system and decided to learn serverside technologies. My adventure, which started with PHP, continued with languages such as Nodejs, Python and Go.

After a while, in order to better understand the new serverside environment I was in, I became interested in Linux operating system administration and learned from the inside out.

With these experiences I have gained, I have turned the ideas of dozens of corporate companies and individual entrepreneurs into reality in the digital environment.

What Do I Focus On?

  • Observable and maintainable clean code in Monolithic or Microservice architecture
  • The Fastest and Budget-Friendly Solutions
  • SOLID Design Principles
  • Producing a Testable Result

Common Questions

This question depends on the project, the environment in which it will be published, the number of users, the team that will support it, the estimated project life time, the project team and many parameters. While Node.js is the best solution in one project, it may be Python in another, and C# in another.

This completely depends on the contract we made. I can share the source code as long as it does not create a conflict of interest.

This is the issue that I pay most attention to during the project development process and that sometimes causes projects to take longer. By determining many checkpoints and resurrection points in the project architecture, I make a plan to ensure that the project can work as it did on the first day, even if external dependencies collapse. Apart from this, if the project scope and lifespan are clear, I include a few teammates who are interested in the project throughout the project and want to support it afterwards, so that they can master the subject. The subsequent support process is determined by maintenance and support contracts.

What Kind of Subjects Do I Work on?